A study shows that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of a Google search. Optimizing your website for search engines and implementing an effective SEO strategy helps your website to appear on the first page.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with the assessment of website operation, readability and availability through technical factors. For Google, website is SEO friendly with a technical “health” of over 90%. The technical health of a website is important for search engine ranking.

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What does WebTailor's technical SEO service include?

SEO audit
Organizing sitemap
Improving page speed
Organizing metadata
Adding image alt descriptions
Backlinks audit

Cooperation with Peetri Talu

Helen Pohl

Founder and chef of the guest house

"WebTailor offered an affordable service for improving the technical quality of the website. In addition, I liked WebTailor's creativity and industry-relevant approach to creating a content strategy.”

We made a total of more than 243 changes on Peetri Talu's website. As a result, the health of the website rose to 92%. After a few weeks, correct meta descriptions were visible in search engines, and the website began to appear when searching for specific keywords, incl. top 1 position with the keyword "Dinner for couples" - and this without creating new content!

Technical optimization of WordPress

Although we work with all content management systems, we can especially and efficiently provide a technical rapid optimization service for WordPress pages. Read the blog post about how we optimize a WordPress page.

Content SEO

Content SEO deals with setting up and implementing an SEO content strategy, the main goal of which is to appear, i.e. to rank, in search results with keywords that offer business potential for the company. Better visibility in search engines increases website traffic and thus sales.

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What does WebTailor's content SEO service include?

Competitor analysis
Keyword analysis
Content and keyword strategy
Optimizing web content
Writing blogposts
Optimizing blogposts

Cooperation with TP Kinnisvarahooldus

Aivi Koppa

CEO - TP Kinnisvarahooldos

"In just the first couple of months, the results are impressive - we have increased our organic traffic by over 120%.”

In addition to the technical SEO improvements, we also prepared a 6-month content strategy for TP Kinnisvarahooldus. We wrote three 1000-word keyword-rich blog posts each month. Thanks to this, the visibility of TP Kinnisvarahooldos has increased from one percent to eight percent on Google.

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Now is your turn to take action

Would you like to learn more about SEO and organic marketing?

Read our SEO intro blog post about on-page SEO and off-page SEO, SEO technical indicators and organic traffic. Additionally, the blog post highlights industries that particularly benefit from strong SEO strategy. We also talk about writing SEO articles and how you can improve your content SEO by using backlinks.

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